First Fit Veneers: Your new smile in just two appointments.

If you’re thinking about improving your smile but dread the discomfort of going through multiple sessions at the dentist, you no longer have to think about it. First Fit veneers are the dental revolution to make your smile look like never before, and in just two sessions! If you want more about this fast and innovative treatment read on.

What are First Fit Veneers?

First Fit Veneers is a state-of-the-art technique that uses advances in digital technology to achieve the best results. It differs from the use of conventional veneers in the use of digital advances to achieve the fastest, most effective and personalized results in veneer placement.

How does Fist Fit technology work?

First Fit technology uses digital advances to analyze the patient’s mouth accurately and manages to reduce the number of dental visits to just two times by applying a non-invasive procedure for the patient:

First appointment: photographs and oral scanning

At the first consultation, the dental specialist uses photographs, oral scanning and digital technology for impressions of your mouth.
An analysis of the patient’s face is also performed to evaluate different options that harmonize with your face, taking into account the patient’s aesthetic opinion. After this, a digital simulation of the result is performed, so that the patient can see what the final result of the treatment will be like.
Then, thanks to an advanced digital software, we analyze the most appropriate technique for the preparation of the dental pieces and create printed guides of 3D material.

Second Appointment: Veneer Placement

In the second appointment, the pieces are elaborated and all the veneers are cemented on the teeth, which allows us to reduce the treatment time.
By placing the veneers at this second appointment, it makes it unnecessary to use temporary pieces, thus further reducing visits to the dentist and is much less invasive.

Main advantages of First Fit Veneers

As you can see, First Fit Veneers treatment has many advantages for the patient to achieve their perfect smile with the best technological advances:

100% digital pre-study

The specialist performs a previous digital oral study of the patient at the first appointment, so that accurate and one hundred percent personalized diagnoses are achieved.

Speed: Porcelain veneers in just two sessions

After the 3D digital study of your mouth and assess the appropriate aesthetics, this treatment of dental veneers with innovative digital technology makes the pieces are made very quickly in the second session. In just two days you will have your perfect smile.

Minimally Invasive

With First Fit Veneers you will not have to undergo countless sessions and you will have your dental veneers without the need to use temporary pieces. On the second day you will already have your definitive and personalized porcelain veneers, so it is minimally invasive.

Customized veneers treatment according to your personal case

The innovative technology of this digital method allows to study your case in a personalized and precise way to achieve the best aesthetic result.

High aesthetics: Get a natural smile

In the first session the characteristics of your mouth and face are analyzed using advanced digital technology, so that simulations are made of how the result will be and you can choose the size and color of teeth. This way you will get the desired result and the most natural smile.

Very durable: They do not change color over time

The material used for First Fit veneers is lithium disilicate, a very thin porcelain with a natural translucency very similar to that of the tooth. It is a ceramic of the highest durability with high resistance and does not vary its color over time, which allows the color to be stable over the years.

It is not necessary to use temporary veneers beforehand

Thanks to the digital treatment that allows to make 3D models of pieces, it eliminates the need to make previous provisional pieces to place the patient. This reduces the number of sessions the patient has to attend and the treatment is less invasive.

For which cases is this type of treatment ideal?

First Fit dental veneers treatment is suitable for those people who want to get a perfect smile in a short time. So if you have any of these problems that we present below, you will be a perfect candidate to apply FirstFit porcelain veneers:

Whitening stained teeth

If you have teeth stained by substances such as coffee or tobacco, dental veneers treatment will renew your smile by whitening the teeth you need to improve in a completely personalized way.

Align crowded teeth

If you have teeth out of place or crowded, in the previous digital study of your mouth will analyze the state of each of them. If the condition is serious, they may recommend orthodontics prior to the arrangement of ceramic veneers to ensure a perfect result of your smile.

Matching uneven teeth

Many times teeth are worn down and take on different sizes, and may even have some of the enamel missing. This treatment allows to equalize the appearance of each piece to obtain the harmony you want in your teeth.

Closing spaces between teeth

Dental veneers allow you to eliminate interdental spaces that you may have to achieve a perfect appearance from the second day of application of the pieces you need. This way you will be sure to improve the aesthetics of your smile and oral hygiene.

Revitalize old crowns or bridges

If you have other previous treatments such as crowns or bridges in your mouth, you can have this First Fit dental veneers treatment to renew the appearance of the treated teeth and give them a new look without the need to repeat the treatments.

Fix teeth with imperfections or chipped teeth

Teeth that have suffered damage such as enamel loss and chipped teeth can benefit from the placement of First Fit dental veneers. These ceramic veneers get rid of imperfections in your smile from day two.

Solving tooth sensitivity problems

In the case of suffering from the uncomfortable tooth sensitivity so annoying and frequent among patients, keep in mind the solution of FirstFit dental veneers. The pieces of dental veneers protect teeth by more effectively insulating them from sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

If you have little time to achieve the perfect smile.

If you are about to live an important event in your life, such as a wedding, a work conference or a public event in which you would like to show off your best smile, trust in this revolutionary treatment that in two days gives you the smile you always dreamed of.

At MEDIDENT Clinic we have the best and most experienced dental experts in First Fit dental veneers to ensure that you have the best aesthetic dental treatment. Contact us if you want to get that perfect smile you always wanted in just two sessions! If you have any doubts before making your decision, we are willing to help you, so don’t wait and contact us.



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