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At dental clinic MEDIDENT in Torremolinos you can also find us as Dentists for children or Children’s Dentist. And is that the dental health of our children is of great concern to us and is very important.

We have a Pediatric Dentistry service to take care of the oral health of your little ones. If you want to know what a Pediatric Dental Clinic includes and the functions that a pediatric dentist covers and how he/she can help you, read what we have to show you.

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First of all, you have to know what exactly is a children’s dentist. Basically a dentist is that professional in the world of dentistry that is responsible for taking care of the dental health of children, a very peculiar and special type of patient.

The vast majority of functions of a children’s dentist is usually related to orthodontics in Torremolinos, since it is essential to correct as soon as possible the correct position of the teeth of the smallest of the house.

Below you can learn about each and every one of the functions that a pediatric dentistry clinic must fulfill.


The ideal is to take your child to a children’s dentist when he/she reaches the age of one, this is always recommended. In the past, it was customary to take your child to the dentist when he/she turned 3 years of age, which was when the baby teeth had already erupted.

It is important to see a dentist the younger the child is, since with the appearance of the baby teeth the first dental problems usually appear, such as incorrect jaw growth, the absence of certain teeth or the child’s own bite.

During this first visit to a children’s dental clinic what is essential is that the child loses the fear of the dentist and begins to become familiar with a Children’s Dental Clinic.

In addition, the pediatric dentist will provide parents with the guidelines to follow so that the child has optimal oral health.

It is also essential at this stage to have a healthy diet, which is often closely related to any type of dental pathology that the child may have.


Baby teeth are essential for our children to be able to eat correctly, to chew and even to be able to begin to speak correctly. Although the primary function of the milk teeth is none other than that they are able to maintain the space for the later appearance of the permanent teeth, both in the lower and upper arches.

Here is how the 28 baby teeth appear:

  • First is the appearance of the lower central incisor teeth.
  • Upper central incisors
  • Upper lateral incisors.
  • Lower lateral incisors.
  • Molar teeth appear.
  • The fangs


This milk dentition usually ends when the child reaches approximately 2 and a half years of age.


A pediatric dentist always fulfills a series of functions and tasks that we will detail in more depth, within our pediatric dentistry service. These are usually the most common children’s dental problems.


It is, unfortunately, all too normal the appearance of infant caries, also known as baby bottle tooth decay. That is why it is essential to go to a Dental Clinic to treat them as soon as they appear or to prevent their appearance with proper dental hygiene.

type disorders

This kind of dental alterations affect both the size of the teeth and their shape. They directly affect the non-appearance of the first teeth, also called anodontia. It can also happen that not all the milk teeth that should appear or that there are more teeth than normal among other cases.


We already know that children do not stand still and it can be more than normal to go to a dentist for children when the child suffers a dental trauma for whatever reason.

any type
of malocclusion

They directly affect the child’s bite and may result in having to undergo a type of orthodontic treatment for children.


It happens when a certain part of the pulp of the permanent teeth has to be removed.


It refers to the total and absolute removal of the dental pulp of the permanent dentition.

These are just some of the functions that children’s dentists have. So now you know, if you need to take your child to a Pediatric Dental Clinic, at MEDIDENT Torremolinos we always offer the best services.

other aspects to be taken into account

  • It is important to encourage breastfeeding until the 6th month of life.
  • If the child falls asleep while feeding, clean his/her teeth before putting him/her to bed to sleep.
  • To be used only as a vehicle for artificial formula.
  • Do not add any type of sugar or sweetener.
    It is important to discourage night bottle feeding after the eruption of the first days.
  • If the child falls asleep while feeding, clean his/her teeth before putting him/her to bed.
  • The bottle should be abandoned progressively from 12 months and definitively when the molars erupt.
  • It must be anatomical, to be removed progressively from 12 months of age, and definitively by 2 years of age.
  • Habits such as sharing utensils with the baby, cleaning the pacifier with saliva, blowing on food or kissing in the mouth should be avoided at all times.
  • During the first 2 years of life, try to avoid all sources of fermentable sugars.
  • Avoid consumption of “hidden sugars” and sugars with a sticky consistency.
  • Between meals it is recommended to avoid sugary foods.
  • It should be done by the parents until the child is self-sufficient for this task (6-8 years old).
  • Before the eruption of the first teeth, start oral hygiene at least once a day, preferably after each feeding with a wet gauze.
  • After the eruption of the first teeth, start with hygiene once a day with a silicone thimble or an infant toothbrush without toothpaste.
  • After the eruption of the first molars, it is ideal and recommended to use an infant toothbrush.
  • When there is contact between the teeth, the use of dental floss is recommended.
  • Do not use any fluoride toothpaste until 2-3 years of age due to the risk of fluorosis.
  • Use toothpaste with 500pm of fluoride in children 2-3 years of age.
  • Amount equivalent to one pea.
  • In children older than 7 years it is recommended to use toothpaste with higher concentrations of fluoride.

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