Top 10 recommendations to maintain good dental health and have a perfect smile

There is a growing awareness that good oral health is essential in the preservation of our health. You may have heard that health begins in the mouth and not only with what we eat, but also with maintaining good oral care habits.
Oral diseases can become a major obstacle to a healthy life, and about 95% of Spaniards suffer from tooth decay. This is why it is important to establish regular oral hygiene habits. In this article we give you 10 recommendations to maintain good dental health.

1. Pay close attention to tooth brushing.

Brush your teeth properly: Pay attention to brushing technique.
In the ABCs of oral care the number one spot is undoubtedly for tooth brushing. However, it is not always done well. That’s why we give you the guidelines you need to develop a proper brushing technique.
Place the toothbrush horizontally to the gum line (at a 45 degree angle). Brush in a horizontal motion, then brush from the bottom up gently from the gum towards the tooth to remove all the dirt.
Remember to brush the inside of the teeth. Then, brush the molars in all directions and to complete the brushing, use dental floss to reach all the interdental spaces and remember to clean your tongue well.
Remember that the recommendation is to brush your teeth two to three times a day, especially before going to sleep, and for at least two minutes so don’t be in too much of a hurry.

Don’t forget to brush your tongue
Tongue hygiene is one of the most important and yet one of the most forgotten. If we do not clean it daily, residues are concentrated that can lead to bacteria and bad breath.
Some people brush their tongue with the same toothbrush and a little toothpaste, but sometimes it can be a bit annoying. There are more comfortable elements for tongue hygiene in pharmacies that will allow you to drag those dirt remains from your tongue and make it cleaner and more hydrated.
A tongue cleaning in the morning to remove the remains of plaque is as important as at night to remove the remains of food that passed through it during the day.
To achieve a good tongue cleaning follow these simple steps:
1.Place the cleaner on the back of the tongue and gently drag it across the surface of the tongue toward the front.
2.Slide the cleaner across the tongue several times at different angles.
3.Remove excess food or dirt from the tongue by rinsing with water.
4.Rinse the tongue cleaner every time you use it to keep it hygienic and clean.

Don’t forget interdental cleaning: Use dental floss or interdental brushes in addition to your toothbrush.
It is equally important that after brushing you take care of the interdental spaces with dental floss and special interdental brushes, since failure to do so leads to food debris that cannot be removed with a normal toothbrush, and can cause cavities and bacteria.

Use appropriate toothbrushes and toothpastes.
Try to use toothbrushes that are of good quality and are neither too hard nor too soft. Try to remove as much toothpaste as possible after each brushing to prevent the toothbrush from becoming damaged too soon or concentrating bacteria.
It is also advisable to renew the toothbrush approximately every 3 months, so do not stretch its useful life more than necessary.

2. Complete your hygiene with a mouthwash

Eliminates bad breath
The last step of your oral hygiene routine is to make a rinse that protects teeth and gums from bacteria. It also removes bacteria from the palate, cheeks and mouth parts that we don’t normally brush and are exposed to bacteria on a daily basis. Therefore, it gives us good breath and improves our health by keeping our gums healthy.

3. Visit the dentist regularly: at least once or twice a year.
Having good oral hygiene habits does not prevent us from having to go to the dentist at least once a year for a preventive check-up. It is important that the specialist can detect possible problems early and prevent them from becoming more serious.

4. Taking care of your diet
The food we eat passes through our mouth and teeth in the first instance, so it is important to keep this in mind to avoid those that can damage our oral health.

It is important to hydrate well every day since not doing so would alter the PH of the saliva and could affect the enamel on the teeth and the proliferation of bacteria on the tongue and gums. Saliva is considered a protector of our teeth and also an effective disinfectant. Therefore, lack of hydration would also lead to a lack of saliva and less protection for your teeth.

Eat a balanced diet.
Try whenever you can to eat a healthy diet and avoid sugars whenever possible, thus preventing the appearance of cavities.

Reduce the consumption of dark drinks such as coffee and tobacco.
It is advisable not to drink dark drinks such as coffee frequently as they alter the color of the teeth and their whiteness may be affected.

5. Have a dental hygiene treatment at the dentist.
It is important to have a thorough dental cleaning once a year, so don’t put off your annual visit too long to prevent any problems that you can avoid by going to the dentist on time.

6. If you are not happy with the white of your teeth go to your dentist for a teeth whitening treatment.
Do not suffer from a shy smile because of those yellowish teeth, ask if it is feasible to have a teeth whitening treatment. Always do it in the hands of specialists, do not rely on home tricks that can hurt your enamel.
Keep in mind that you should stop smoking or reduce this bad habit as much as possible so that this treatment can be more effective.

7. Protect your teeth when playing sports. Avoid possible trauma.
Try to use protective splints for your teeth when playing sports that may put them at risk.

8. Avoid the nervous habit of chewing on objects.
In addition to breaking that object, you will be wearing down your teeth. So, better get yourself an anti-stress ball to channel your nerves in another way.

9. Don’t put ice cubes in your mouth, let alone bite them.
Try not to bite ice cubes, as you can injure your gums and awaken tooth sensitivity that lasts for days.

10. Correct your oral problems
In the reviews you have at your dentist, try to follow the treatment recommendations of the specialist to address problems as soon as possible and not let them worsen. There are many recommended treatments, such as dental veneers and dental caps to improve the appearance of your teeth, Invisible Orthodontics to improve their position or dental implants in case you need them. Let us advise you and put yourself in the hands of specialists.
In Medidentwe have the best dental treatments for dental beautification and get your best smile. Contact us for an initial consultation and we will advise you of the recommended treatments for your particular case



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