Types of Dental Prostheses

Today we are here to talk to you about the types of dental prostheses that currently exist, what each of them is for and for whom one or another kind of prosthesis is better.

As you know, a dental prosthesis is a device whose main function is to replace and replace all those teeth that have been lost for whatever reason.

And to know better which of them is the best in each situation we list you, from our Dental Clinic Torremolinos, the classes that exist next, so that you have a clear idea of ​​them.

Tipos de prótesis dentales

Classes of dental prostheses currently

Today we can differentiate into 2 large groups, known as complete or partial, which, in turn, are also divided into fixed or removable.

Let’s see more in depth below.

Fixed prostheses

They are those that are placed in a dental clinic by the professional dentist and can not be removed by the patient at home, with a look very similar to our teeth.

Within these, we can differentiate between:

Fixed prostheses on implants

Prótesis fijas sobre implantes

They are placed directly on the dental implants. For its correct placement, the first thing is to take the measurements of the person’s mouth and tooth color, so that the prosthesis appears to be natural teeth.

They can even replace the entire upper or lower arch of the patient. They are usually made by metal and ceramic, achieving a 100% natural appearance.

Fixed prosthesis on teeth

These, on the contrary, settle directly on the natural dental pieces of the person and for their correct placement, the teeth are lowered. They stick directly on them and is perfect in cases where they have suffered from tooth decay or some type of dental trauma.

They are also made with ceramic and metal.

Removable prostheses

As its name suggests, are dental prostheses that can be removed by the patient to perform proper dental hygiene among other things. They are placed on the person’s own teeth and are fastened through a type of metal fastener.

We can also differentiate up to 3 different types.

Removable partial prosthesis

Prótesis dentales parcial removible

Placed on the gums, they are prostheses that are used less and less in the world of dentistry since, thanks to advances in technology issues in this field, dental implants are usually used.

To get hooked correctly are used a few devices known as retainers.

Removable complete prostheses

As you may well have discerned by name, they completely replace a person’s teeth, either in their lower or upper arch and they are placed directly on the palate of the patient or on the mucous membranes.

Likewise, they are increasingly used less, except in extraordinary cases in which dental implantology is not possible for various reasons.

The main handicap they have is that they are very unstable both when they eat or when they talk.

Removable and mucoimplant-supported dental prostheses

They are used in those cases in which the person to be treated has lost bone mass, so the placement of the correct number of dental implants becomes very complicated. They are fixed directly on said implants.

Prótesis dentales removibles y mucoimplantadas

The patient can remove them to perform their daily oral hygiene and barely moves when eating or talking.