Guided dental implant surgery: A revolution in dentistry

Guided dental implant surgery is transforming smiles with a precision that was hard to imagine just a few years ago. This revolutionary technique in dentistry achieves unique results in record time. If you are considering dental implants, at Medident we want to explain how this new procedure can be the solution you were looking for. […]

Why do I have yellow teeth and how to fix it?

At Medident we know that a bright, white smile is important to many of our patients. However, it is common to face the problem of yellow teeth, an aesthetic concern that can affect self-confidence. If you’ve been asking yourself “why are my teeth yellow” or “how can I fix yellow teeth”, this article is for […]

What is the difference between pulpotomy and pulpectomy?

When it comes to dental treatment, especially in children, two terms that often come up are pulpotomy and pulpectomy. Although they may sound similar and both are related to the treatment of problems in the dental pulp, there are key differences between them. In this article, MEDIDENT will tell you in detail what pulpotomies and […]

Child bruxism: A complete guide for parents and caregivers

Child bruxism is a phenomenon that worries many parents and caregivers. When your child grinds their teeth while sleeping or, even worse, during the day, it is normal for you to wonder why bruxism occurs in children or how to avoid bruxism. From Medident we want to give you a complete guide with what you […]

Highlights to consider when choosing a good dentist in Torremolinos

Finding a good dentist amongst all the services on offer can be tedious and complicated. In Torremolinos, having a qualified professional is essential to ensure quality treatment and maintain your dental health. From Medident we want to tell you the main aspects that you should take into account when looking for a dentist in Torremolinos. […]

Invisible orthodontics for children: From what age can they be fitted?

Dental care for children is essential to ensure healthy oral development. When it comes to correcting dental alignment problems, invisible orthodontics has become a popular choice for parents and children. This innovative technique offers a discreet and effective way to correct malocclusions without the use of traditional metal brackets. In general, invisible orthodontics can be […]

What to do if my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?

Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth can be worrying and very annoying for some people. Although it is a fairly common symptom that we all suffer from at some point, it can also indicate the presence of certain oral health problems. Today at Medident we tell you about the possible causes of bleeding gums during […]

How often to go to the dentist for a check-up

Maintaining a healthy, radiant smile not only contributes to our physical appearance, but also plays a vital role in our overall health. One of the most common questions we ask ourselves is how often we should go to the dentist for a dental check-up. At Medident we want to explain the importance of regular dental […]

Toothache: causes and solutions to relieve discomfort

Toothache is very common but no less annoying. Whether it is an acute or constant pain, this discomfort can affect our daily activities and diminish our quality of life. At Medident, as a clinic specialising in dentistry, we know the causes and also the solutions to relieve toothache and prevent future problems. In this article […]